Take A Dive Bar Vacation [Cheap Date Tony]

Dive bars: If it doesn’t smell slightly of urine and cleanser, then you’re in the wrong place. Scout out another drinking hole. A proper dive bar has to be dank with someone in the corner talking to herself. The bartender should ooze disgust and the patrons sit wallowing in their despair. My kind of place!

A dive bar makes you feel like a tourist to a new destination –  and you don’t even have to pay for a flight. Plan to get trashed; you’ll need to so the smell will no longer affect you. You may be surprised: Some dive bars have really eclectic jukeboxes filled with oldies and classic rock. They tend to be turned to a low volume because people don’t want to hurt their ears while they’re working out their livers. Best of all, a dive bar is a great place to get trashed with your lady.

Total Cost of Date: $25

Follow these easy instructions to fit in when you travel to your local dive bar:


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