The 12 Biggest Fails of the London 2012 Olympics So Far [VIDEOS]

The whole world is eagerly watching the 2012 London Olympics–great news for everyone who’s performing admirably, bad news for everyone who’s not. In only the short amount of time we’ve seen, there have been a surprisingly high amount of mistakes for a group of people who have spent months and years preparing for Games. Reporters, politicians, athletes, television networks, and entire cities alike have been coming up short. In case you missed any of the Gold Medal Gaffes, we’ve pulled together an up-to-date “Who’s Who” of 2012 Failure Moments. Check them out below.

1. Mayor Of London Gets Stuck On a Zipline

Boris Johnson probably wins the gold medal for Coolest Mayor You Never Knew About, but you can’t not laugh at the little gaffe that happened on the zip wire. Handles it like an absolute boss. Not sure if you can say the same for his bollocks.


2. Wu Jiangbao Brings Shame To His Nation

It’s one thing to be upset when you don’t perform as well as you wanted to, but it’s another thing altogether when you break down crying and apologizing to your country for bringing them shame. In his post medal ceremony, Chinese weightlifter Wu Jingbao broke down on camera. Dude, you just won a f*cking silver medal. Suck it up.

3. The North Korean Flag Incident

Considering how much everyone makes fun of the North Koreans, I’m still not entirely convinced that this was accidental. During their first match against Colombia, one of the North Korean players was introduced next to a South Korean flag. Whoops. Of course the Naughty Koreans took their time getting on the field after the mishap, delaying the game for over an hour.


4. James Harden Gets Shot By Sniper

You gotta give credit where credit is due, this cross-over by Nigeria’s Tony Skinn is absolutely devastating. But still… C’mon man. I think it’s even stranger that the US bench doesn’t go absolutely apesh*t after they see this. Of course, they might have already fallen asleep.


5. NBC Fails To Recognize Olympian Evander Holyfield

An NBC Reporter was sent into the streets of London to get the reactions of random fans. What/who the studio failed to recognize was that the reporter was lucky enough to get the opinion of Evander Holyfield. It’s not like he was an Olympic medalist or anything. Oh wait…

Watch The Quick Interview Here

6. Female Ecuadorian Weightlifter Forgets To Wear Diapers

Anyone watching Ecuadorian female weight lifter Maria Alexandra Escobar Guerrero learned that this is a thing that happens. The only question that remains is why not prepare for the inevitable and wear some Depends?


7. The Opening Ceremonies

It sounded ridiculous when we first heard about it from Philly D, and guess what? It was.


8. Hairy Armpit Lady

We featured this on our Best Olympic Twitpics of Day 5, but that really doesn’t do it enough justice. Here’s the video below.


9. #NBCFail

There have been numerous gaffe’s from the United State’s Official Olympic coverage channel, not the least of which has been misleading audiences through tape-editing to raise viewership ratings. Simply search #NBCFail on Twitter for more examples of their mistakes.

10. Dislocating Your Elbow On The Global Stage

Ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch ouch. Yeah, you get the idea.


11. Greek Triple Jumper DQ’d Before The Games Even Begin

We were pretty pumped to see the beautiful Greek triple-jumper Voula Papachristou, only to learn that she had been removed from the Greek team for sending out a racist tweet. She afterwards apologized to everyone for the mistake. Hey at least people can learn from her mistake right????

Why We’re Really Upset [84 PHOTOS of Voula]

12. Swiss Soccer Player Retardedly Calls South Koreans “Mongoloids”

Ooops. Apparently not. After their soccer match against South Korea, Swiss Men’s player Michel Morganella sent out a message which said that Koreans should “burn themselves” and described them as “mongoloids.” How retarded can you really be? Obviously, homeboy was sent packing by the Swiss Olympic Committee.

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  1. What's with this obessession for armpit hair? What's the problem with that? 30 years ago nobody cared about it. Brainwashed media zombies we are.

  2. I would be writting this better but the greasy rank hair from my armpits is hanging down my arms and all over my hands so my fingers keep slipping on the skidmarks of grease on the keyboards. You can imagine how frustrated I am as even with my tesosterone pock-marked face I am a beautiful person (inside).

  3. you seriously used the word "retarded" TWICE to describe the guy who called south koreans mongoloids? seriously?

  4. Mongoloids is one of 3 racial classifications of the homo sapien species: mongoloids, negroids, and caucasoids. Calling asians mongoloids is technically correct even though he was being a douche about it.

  5. you seriously used the word "retarded" TWICE to describe the guy who called south koreans mongoloids? seriously?

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