Yancy Butler [See Her Tonight in SHARK WEEK]

Yancy Butler in Shark Week

(9 pm EST, Syfy)

She didn’t get the attention of a wreck like Lindsay Lohan, but Yancy Butler had her own wild ride from young stardom to a stellar crash and burn. Yancy’s held up, though, and you can check her out in tonight’s Shark Week to see she’s kept her looks. She was a rising starlet for most of the ’90s, mostly thanks to Yancy’s work with Jean Claude Van Damme in 1993’s Hard Target. Sadly, a little drinking problem screwed up her career just as she was becoming a cable star on TNT’s Witchblade in 2001. The  past decade has been a long walk back for the husky-voiced sex symbol. Yancy’s still been regaining her fan following. Her swampy antics have made a success of the Lake Placid direct-to-video films, and she even made it back to the big screen in 2010’s Kick-Ass. Now check out these pics to see why Yancy has kept guys yankin’ to yackin’ about her big talents…
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