Sophie Winkleman [See Her Tonight On TWO AND A HALF MEN]

Sophie Winkleman on Two And A Half Men

(8:30 pm EST, CBS)

Two and a Half Men didn’t get the hype it wanted this year, but it deserves some credit for adding Sophie Winkleman into the cast. Too bad it was a bigger deal in England than in America. Sophie’s a big deal there as the comedic actress who married into royalty—specifically, Freddie Windsor, son of Prince and Princess Michael of Kent and 31st in line to the British throne. Sophie is adored back in England, but she got a slow start here in the States. Her only big role before Two and a Half Men was a guest turn on CSI: Miami. Sophie’s done some great work back in the UK, though, and she’s been a big improvement on Men as Ashton Kutcher’s girlfriend. Tonight’s episode is the one where he tries to get her to improve their sex life, too. That’s the one to catch. Of course, it’s hard to catch a royal lady posing in a hot fashion, but we’ve mixed some sexy photos with video stills of Sophie showing off her royal bod! Check out this gallery that’ll get you bowing to some real beauty…

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