THE CAMPAIGN and BOURNE LEGACY—In Theaters Now, And The Internet Has Spoken!

It’s a big brawl at the box-office this weekend, as the baby-punching comedians of The Campaign go up against superspy Jason Bourne Aaron Cross in The Bourne Legacy. Maybe they’ve both got the brawn to knock out The Dark Knight Rises from the #1 position. Or maybe they’re both massive disappointments. The critics seem to be kind of split on that. We’re more interested in the regular Joes (and Janes), anyway. That’s why we’ve hit the comment boards of a few internet forums to see what today’s consumers have to say about today’s new releases. We’ve cleaned up the spelling, too—although this week wasn’t as bad, as usual. The Campaign and The Bourne Legacy must really appeal to the intellectual crowd. In that spirit, check out some deep thoughts from the internet…

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