Cerina Vincent [See Her Tonight on MIKE & MOLLY]

Cerina Vincent on Mike & Molly

(9:30 pm EST, CBS)

Guys don’t usually tune in to a sitcom like Mike & Molly to see hot babes. That’s why we’re looking out for you. Sometimes even a pleasantly-plump plotline like Mike & Molly‘s will drop in a surprise appearance by a real hottie—and tonight’s rerun has one of Hollywood’s most curvy beauties! Cerina Vincent has had a wild career, ranging from her early days as a Power Ranger (Maya, the yellow one) to a very nude role as a sexy exchange student in 2001’s Not Another Teen Movie. Then she became even more memorable in a sexy bathtub scene that became a classic horror moment in 2002’s Cabin Fever. Cerina’s been working steadily ever since—including tonight’s turn on Mike & Molly, where she stole the show enough to be brought back for another episode. We’re thrilled to see Cerina wherever we can find her, and you’ll find these forty pics to be pretty thrilling, too…  [image via: cerinavincent.net]

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