Was Benny Hill Really a Creepy Rapist? [VIDEO]

Benny Hill is a British comedy icon. He’s one of the most recognizable comedic faces on the planet. His TV show ran from 1951 and 1991 and is aired in over 140 countries. When you think of the Benny Hill Show, what comes to mind is a non-threatening older man who is chasing around scantily-clad women in fast-motion – accompanied by the song Yakety Yak on the sax;  the entire scenario combined could be watched with a large amount of ironic detachment.

But there’s something sinister right under the surface: Was Benny Hill really a creepy rapist? I conducted an experiment by slowing down the footage from the Benny Hill Show and adding the theme music from the movie, The Omen. The result was highly disturbing: Benny Hill was actually sexually assaulting these women. (We kind of knew all along – but didn’t want to say anything.)

The findings are like a horror movie: The Benny Hills Have Eyes. It’s like taking a Judas Priest album and playing it backwards. But instead of having it say, “kill your parents,” the result of my experiment confirms that… Benny Hill was really a creepy rapist.

Watch my video and you decide!


1 thought on “Was Benny Hill Really a Creepy Rapist? [VIDEO]”

  1. Terrifying.

    You oughta' mash together a video featuring scenes from "The Omen" with "Yakkity Sax" playing throughout.

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