Bidets: Always a Source of Humor

Want a¬†guaranteed laugh? Bidets have always been the target for humor — especially for the American tourist abroad. (“Why is this water fountain so low to the ground?”) The best part is that it’s more mature than toilet humor.

Did you know that bidet is a French word for “pony,” while in Old French the word means “to trot.” The word origin comes from the notion that one rides a bidet much like they would a pony. Back in 17th century when this apparatus was invented — it was already funny.

Bidets are used to wash and clean the genitalia. (And sometimes the feet.) Similar in appearance to a toilet, bidets are more closer in kin to a washbasin. Bidets are related to toilets in the same way modern man is linked to monkeys — shared by a common ancestor. Also, as I found out at a recent house party, a bidet is also a great place to ice beers. (See above.)

Bidet humor made it into the movie Get Him to the Greek. Aziz Ansari sang the praises of using Jay Z and Beyonce’s bidets. (“They’re side-by-side so they can hold hands.”)


Comedian >Bill Dwyer shares the merits of bidet-use. (Just remember to check the temperature of the water):


Bidets are the stuff that folk songs are written about. Check out Gary Atkins — with yet another song about bidets, called, “My Bidet.”


Remember bidet humor is not potty humor — it’s post-potty humor.

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