In Memorium: Jamie Crandall, Hard Knocks (August 7th – August 28th)

Last night’s episode of HBO’s Hard Knocks was a particularly sad time for male viewers everywhere because we finally realized what Les Brown’s release from the Dolphins really means for us. I’m referring, of course, to the fact that we’ll no longer be treated to shots of the TE’s extremely hot girlfriend Jamie Lynn Crandall. A former Miss Utah 2011 and a current Ford Model, Jamie was a major factor for tuning into the weekly show about ┬ápreseason football–a potentially boring affair.

Since we’ll no longer be privy to behind-the-scenes footage of Ms. Crandall, COED has pulled together some of the model’s sexiest shots in the gallery below. Judging from her recent work with Manic Project, it’s safe to say that she’ll be alright. We might need to peruse these photos for a little bit… just to make sure.

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Looks Like Lauren Tannehill’s Still On Hard Knocks

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