Angie Gega [See Her Tonight on BONES]

Angie Gega on Bones

(9 pm EST, FOX)

She claims to be a real humanitarian, and we’re certainly grateful to see Angie Gega showing up on tonight’s Bones as a masseuse. She’s also shown up on the screen as a dancer, a nurse, and a Kung Fu Femme. Nobody can say Angie doesn’t know how to entertain her audience. This striking Albanian-born beauty also stays busy with a music career under the name of “Anjeza,” and really does front her own non-profit called BECHLEM. That’s not the sound that you’ll be making as you check out Angie’s amazing photos, though. Enjoy her exotic looks and wild pics, and just try guessing which of her many talents will be the one that finally makes her a star…   [image credit: Facebook]
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