Martha O’Neill and Stupid Questions for Funny People

(Mr. Kaill continues his quest to ask as many stupid questions to as many professional funny people as humanly possible.)

Time to add a comedic woman’s voice to the proceedings. Why? Men are more logic-minded and less emotional – but also dumb as rocks. Improv sketch performer – and all-around funny-woman – Martha O’Neill was the perfect, sufficiently-estrogeny candidate for the task. I asked her the following more-complicated-than-it-looks mind-bender question. Below is Ms. O’Neill’s heartfelt/overly-emotional reply.

A fatherless man is horribly injured while frying bacon. He is driven to the hospital by an ambulance driver named “Kevin Forch”.

When he arrives at the hospital, the surgeon takes one look at him and says, “I can’t operate on this man – it’s my lunch break!”

QUESTION: How is this possible?

MARTHA O’NEILL’S ANSWER: The “lunch break” line was a lame excuse. The doctor did not want to operate because he had always prided himself on being  the only person on earth who was not ANY degrees of separation from Kevin…


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