Meet Innocence of Muslims’ Anna Gurgi [17 PHOTOS]

Anna Gurji isn’t denying the fact that she’s an actress in the now infamous Innocence of Muslims. She does, however, want you to know that she was duped into the playing the part. It was in an exclusive interview with Inside Edition that Anna first explained she was actually cast for a role in the film called Desert Warrior. “There was no mention EVER by anyone of MUHAMMAD and no mention of religion during the entire time I was on the set,” she writes. “I am hundred percent certain nobody in the cast and nobody in the U.S. artistic side of the crew knew what was really planned for this ‘Desert Warrior.'” [lead image via Facebook]

It must be pretty difficult to have something like this on your resume but kudos to Anna for coming out about the whole thing. Understandably, the people behind the movie have been very “cloak and daggers” about coming forward but Anna isn’t scared. After all, it’s not like she has anything to hide. You can read her full story on her Facebook page and also check out some pretty revealing photos while you’re there. We pulled the best for you to see below.


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