If You Insist On Having Donkey Sex, Please At Least Keep The Details To Yourself

A Florida man was arrested earlier this week for having sex with a miniature donkey.

Whatever. Not that bestiality is “whatever,” but people have sex with animals. That happens.

What usually doesn’t happen is that the perpetrator usually doesn’t take the time to outline the details of his entire technique to the arresting officer.

According to the police report posted on The Smoking Gun, the “defendant stated that he uses his fingers and saliva to clean the donkey’s clitoris and check for wood shavings and debris.”

The slang acronym “TMI” is oft overused, but I think we can bring it back in this one instance.

But here’s my question: What is the line of interrogation that leads up to that admission from the defendant?  One of the cops is like, “But wait–  When you’re having sex with the donkey, how are you sure that the donkey’s clitoris is free of wood savings and debris? Not that I know that this is a problem from experience or anything…

Read the full police report yourself here.

[via The Smoking Gun, images via The Smoking Gun/photobucket]

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