Vira Solovei Is Officially My New Favorite Maldovian DJ [PHOTOS + GIFs]

I can’t say that I’m aware of many Maldovian DJs, but I think you’ll be hard pressed to find one more entertaining than Victoria Vira Solovey (Solovei). She’s the subject of what I would call one of my ten favorite girl-related GIFs of all time; a title that I don’t give out lightly. It’s Kate Upton runway good. Maybe even better.

We first came across her a month or two ago but wanted to hold her close to our chest. I think you’ll see why that was difficult.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t really find out that much about her. One of the problems we encountered while stalking learning about her is that A) she doesn’t speak English and B) it doesn’t look like she’s DJing any more. Hopefully that means she now spends all her time dancing.

If you’re someone who thinks that it’s really “all about the music,” here’s a link to her Soundcloud page… Kill joy.

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