Heineken Changes Iconic Green Bottle’s Shape

For the past few years, beer companies have been changing their packaging in an attempt to stand out from the competition. Miller Light introduced the “vortex bottle” and the punch-top can, Coors Light introduced the “cold-activated mountains” into their bottles and cans, and Budweiser has re-branded their Bud Heavy cans to sport bow-ties and American Flags. Now it would seem that Heineken ¬†is getting into the action in an attempt to play catch-up.

The Dutch lager company isn’t going for any novelties or gimmicks with their new bottle, instead they’re just changing up the stubby look. The new bottles will be 1.25 inches taller than the older ones and feature a thumb-groove that apparently promotes drinkers to hold the bottle lower down.

How about a grip that lets us hold it upside-down? Preferably while raised above our mouths?

Image via WallStreetJournal

All joking aside, it surprises me to hear that the market apparently likes the new bottle. While sales had been admittedly slower than their¬†competitors, Heineken had already separated themselves from the pack with their stubby bottles–a bottle that I actually liked.

Now that their bottle is similar to their competitors’ bottle, Heineken’s new re-branding campaign will have to shine. It starts with Skyfall, the first Bond movie to feature a drink that isn’t a “shaken, not stirred” martini.

via [WallStreetJournal]

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