Super Soaker Wars Between China and Japan Are Hilariously Non-Lethal [PHOTOS]

I’m not sure how many of you have actually been following international politics when there are domestic issues (like NFL referees) to worry about, but there’s currently a territory dispute between Taiwan, China, and Japan over a series of small isles called the Senkaku Islands. [lead image via DailyMail]

This isn’t something we’d bother telling you about except for the fact that the dispute recently involved some of the biggest super soakers on the planet.

Long story short, Japan bought the Senkaku Islands two weeks ago from a private owner. Taiwan and China dispute the purchase because the governments have laid claim to the islands in the past.

Location of Senkaku Islands via DailyMail

So in a show of ‘non-violent’ force, China and Taiwan sent coast guard boats to patrol the Senkaku Islands. Japan followed suit.

Then today, as a fleet of Taiwanese ships started encroaching on “Japanese” territory, the Japanese boats started spraying their water cannons at the Taiwanese. Taiwan fired back. And thus the greatest super soaker fight of all time began. Check out the photos from the scene below.

For those of you interested, Japan won. Thailand turned tail and ran.

This shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone who has actually visited Japan–their water technology is peerless. Have you seen all the bidets they have there? Even in public toilets!

via DailyMail

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