Finally, A Brilliant Invention For All Of Us Degenerates Who Sleep In Our Cars

Sleeping in your car: We’ve all done it. Sometimes for weeks at a time.

But it always sucks.

Unless you have some sort of sweet ’70s sex van or some ethically-questionable SUV from the early aughts, there’s never enough room. Sleeping on the slanted, seat belt-addled backseat of a sedan is never easy. And it’s even worse to bone on! (Not that I know, really.)

But finally our dream of car-sleep-comfort is answered with the above invention: an inflatable bed specifically designed to fit in the back of a car.

Once this comes out to hell with rent, to hell with living with your parents, to hell with camping in the “great” outdoors… We’ll all just be living in our cars. God bless America! Or God bless whichever (probably Asian) country came up with this idea.

Whether or not this product is commercially available for purchase yet seems a little bit hazy though. Maybe check out Gizmodo for more details.

via Geekologie

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