GPS Enabled Shoes Are Here, Don’t Look Very Comfortable [VIDEO]

I’m sick of looking at my phone for directions. Who’s with me!?

Life would be so much easier if I could look down at my feet and they could tell me where to go. They’re the ones doing the walking! Amirite!?!

So, honestly, I can get behind this idea of shoes that use GPS to light your way to your destination… UNTIL I LIE DOWN ON MY BACK. THEN WHAT HAPPENS, OH GENIUS FOOTWEAR!?

I’ve embedded a video where the guy who came up with and developed GPS shoes describes how they work and demonstrates them. But I couldn’t get through it.

Dude, next up, make some GPS for how to get through your long-as-hell video! Love, Mike.

[vimeo w=500]

via Geekologie

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