How To Keep It Interesting After You’ve Been Together Awhile [HE SAID/SHE SAID]

When you’ve been with someone for a long time, regardless of whether it’s a FWB type of deal or a legit relationship, sh*t can get boring. There are ways to keep things interesting and intimate with you and your partner, but the ways to do so are a bit different depending on the situation. [lead image via Shutterstock]

If you guys are just f*ck buddies, there are various ways to spice up your sex life. Role playing is a personal fave, but it’s always more fun to test the limits of kinkiness (of course assuming both parties consent, maybe). Using props like handcuffs, blindfolds and whips (if she’s been a naughty girl) can help keep her gagging for more and be more excited about the bang sessions. Because there generally isn’t an emotional connection between f*ck buddies, the way to keep things interesting is more or less keeping the sex interesting. Relationships, on the other hand, prove to have a bit more work to keep the fire lit.

Along with all of the things discussed above about FWB (let’s face it, sex is a very important aspect of a relationship), there are some more emotionally motivated things that you guys can do to keep the intimacy going. When things get boring and you realize that you’ve already talked about everything with each other, it might be useful to revisit your past. I always find talking about and therefore reliving the “chase” of your relationship reminds you of the closeness and the passion you feel for your significant other. It’s also useful to change up the conversations a bit. When you find yourself saying “What’s up?” “Nothing. You?” “Same.” it’s time to throw in some curveballs. What I mean is that maybe you guys can discuss your views on certainĀ controversialĀ topics like abortion and other sh*t because seeing your girl’s views on that stuff gives you a better insight into her person and whether you guys agree on a moral level.

Bottom line is, keep your relationships interesting. If you see sh*ts starting to get boring for both people, spice it up before you end up breaking up. Boredom is the first sign of a wandering d*ck and a breakup, beware.


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