20 Things You Didn’t Know About Mark Wahlberg

Each Thursday we’ll bring you 20 Things You Didn’t Know about someone or something you need to know more about. This week, we feature Pain & Gain star Mark Wahlberg. Be sure to check out Pain & Gain when it hits the theaters tomorrow.

He Had A #1 Hit As “Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch”

It’s almost common knowledge, but Wahlberg got his start as rapper Marky Mark in the early ’90’s. His hit Good Vibrations was what propelled him to super stardom and which led to his first acting roles.

Wahlberg Battled Drug Addictions And Also Dealt Narcotics When He Was A Teenager

By age 13, Wahlberg had developed an addiction to cocaine and other substances.

Mark Once Dated Reese Witherspoon

The bad boy starred as a maniacal stalker with Hollywood sweetheart her in thriller flick Fear and the two wound up dating for most of 1995.

He Has His Own Line Of Sports Nutricion Supplements

“Marked” was launched in 2012.

Wahlberg was originally cast as Linus Caldwell in Ocean’s Eleven

Matt Damon took over the role instead.

He Uses Real Life Influences From Childhood For His Characters In Movies

Wahlberg based his character in The Departed off of a cop who used to arrest him frequently in his youth.

Mary Was A Bricklayer Full-Time Before He Started Rapping

Laying bricks in Beantown to go along with multiple side gigs, some of which may or may not have been legal.

He Is A Distant Relative Of Author Nathaniel Hawthorne

On his mother’s side as Hawthorne probably was first to pen the phrase “Word To Your Mother.”

The HBO series “Entourage” was Executive Produced by Wahlberg and was loosely based on his early acting career.

Yeah, you probably already knew that. But if you didn’t, there you go, because you should know that.

He Dropped Out Of School When He Was 15

Remember to stay in school kids or else you’ll become a multimillionaire superstar! To his credit, Wahlberg did eventually get his GED.

Mark Was In The Original New Kids On The Block

As an accomplished street break-dancer, Mark and his big brother Donnie formed a teen vocal group in 1985, New Kids On The Block. However, Mark wasn’t impressed with the bubblegum pop image of a boy band-er and quit just 6 months later NKOTB went on to sell over 80 million records worldwide. Whoops. Eh, it’s safe to say it still worked out for Marky Mark.

He Was The Go-To Calvin Klein Underwear Model In The Early ’90’s

You’re welcome, ladies.

Wahlberg Was Arrested Over 20 Times In His Youth And Was Once Charged With Attempted Murder

The actor doesn’t have the most enlightening past. At 16, Wahlberg approached a middle-aged Vietnamese man on the street and knocked him unconscious, unprovoked, using a large wooden stick. He also attacked another Vietnamese man, leaving him permanently blind in one eye. Mark was charged with attempted murder, pleaded guilty to assault, and was sentenced to two years in state prison at Boston’s Deer Island House of Correction, of which he served 45 days.

That Was Not His Real Penis In “Boogie Nights”

Sorry ladies, but it was a prosthetic. Dirk Diggler’s junk could put Seabiscuit to shame.

But He Was Born With A Third Nipple.

It was often airbrushed for his modeling shoots.

Wahlberg Was Sought After To Star In “Brokeback Mountain”

Him along with Joaquin Phoenix were slated for the parts but both felt uncomfortable with the homosexual scenes.

He Has Tattoos Of Looney Tunes Characters

Seriously. Sylvester The Cat with Tweety Bird in his mouth is on his right ankle to go along with a tat of Bob Marley on his shoulder.

Mark Had Connections With Jerry Sandusky

Wahlberg served on the Honorary Board of Jerry Sandusky’s The Second Mile children’s charity before Sandusky’s 2011 arrest on child sex abuse charges. In his defense, so did many other high profile figures who obviously didn’t know what was really happening.

He Is Also A Distant Relative Of Both Madonna And Halle Berry

All are decedents of John Hathorn (1641-1717), a judge in the Salem Witch trials.

His Priorities Are Straight Now After His Troubled Past

The most important thing in the house for Mark, his kids and a little glass statue of Christ.

Wahlberg Was Supposed To Be On The United 93 Flight On 9/11

Mark had his seat booked on the ill-fated United 93 flight from his native Boston to LA. At the last minute he decided to visit a friend in Canada and says he’s still haunted by the thought that he could have been involved: “I’ve had probably over 50 dreams about it.”

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