Millennials are Drinking So Much Wine, Companies are Making Bottles Cheaper

Cause, you know, we’re all broke and stuff.

has the details on how we’re drinking more for less:

Wine is usually something people associate with class, sophistication and expense, but America’s youngest legal drinkers are changing all that. According to an analyst for the Canadean Wine Report, millennials over 21 years old are drinking more wine than previous generations did at their age. People age 55 or older still drink the most wine overall, but the kids are quickly catching up. It’s enough to make winemakers adjust their marketing to attract these younger drinkers: Since young people generally don’t have enough money for expensive wines, marketers need to know that most millennials won’t spend more than $20.

When was the last time you thought to shell out $20 for a bottle of wine when that beautiful $7.50 bottle of Pinot Grigio is glistening in the sun a couple shelves down? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Hell, I still have no shame of buying a box for a nice romantic evening.

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