Lights Over Paris: Free Robert Mawhinney—-He Gave Us Olivia Hardt [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Yeah, we remember Lights Over Paris. They seemed like a legit act, and kind of goofy. Like a lot of people, we compared lead singer Robert Mawhinny–then known as Robb “TaLLLLL” University–to Ben Stiller as Zoolander. We’re pretty sure that Ben Stiller is actually taLLLLLer than Rob. That was the joke, right? Good thing we didn’t loan Robb any money, though. He’s now officially in the news as a Bogus Rock Star, with a California court recently ruling that he conned banks out of an impressive $4 million through sheer chutzpah. Or, if you prefer, star power.

We kind of admire Rob for living like a rock star. His big finish, unfortunately, involves being sentenced to seven years in jail. His lawyer really fumbled things. Here’s what we would’ve said:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, it’s true that my client lied to banks and tried to pay them off through a pyramid scheme. Nobody would’ve known if Rob had just landed one hit single. Well, it would’ve taken a few hit singles, but consider this–Rob took the money and made a video starring Olivia Hardt as a sexy vampire slayer. He put Olivia in a red bikini, and filmed her under a shower, and got to make out with her on camera. And we say: Would you not have spent $11 million to do the same?

Then we’d show the video for “Turn Off the Lights,” and the guys (and the gals) would see Olivia Hardt, and no jury on earth would have convicted Rob Mawhinny for the simple crime of having ambition. Now Rob is off to be the official Shortest Rock Star in the prison system–but Olivia Hardt remains free. Check out the pics below and enjoy Olivia’s freedom. Don’t forget that a few of these pics are only possible because of the man who still wants you to call him Robb “TaLLLLL” University. Thank you, Mr. University. We hope the banks don’t repossess your video for “Turn Off the Lights”–which is right below Olivia’s Hardty photos….

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