Saffron Burrows on The Crazy Ones [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Saffron Burrows onĀ The Crazy Ones

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

The Crazy Ones is already one of the early hits of the new Fall TV season–or at least doing well enough to have gotten a full season’s commitment from CBS. The show doesn’t really need big-name celebrity guests. A lot of people want to work with Robin Williams, though. We mentioned yesterday that Ashley Tisdale is in an upcoming episode. Tonight has respected actress Saffron Burrows making a rare sitcom appearance–and it’s hotly anticipated because the openly bisexual actress might do some Method acting as a sexually-liberated European client who inspires the folks at the ad agency to share way too much about their sex lives.

Yeah, we’ll watch that–and we’re always happy to watch Saffron Burrows. She’s been a very liberated actress herself. In fact, Saffron celebrated her birthday yesterday while making the news with her latest lesbian love. That was mostly the news in the UK, of course. Saffron isn’t really famous here in America. The closest she ever came to a breakthrough was her turn as an endangered researcher in the 1999 shark saga The Deep Blue Sea.

Saffron then went back to the daring indie fare that had made her a big name among fans of sizzling sex scenes. She’d already doffed her clothes in Hotel de Love and The Loss of Sexual Innocence. Saffron went right back to sizzling indie sex with a lovely lesbian turn in Timecode and some heterosexual pursuits in Miss Julie and Tempted. If she really prefers girls…well, let’s just say that Saffron is a hell of an actress when it comes to working with men.

Saffron has been trying to break back into America lately. She’s been a regular on Boston Legal and Law & Order: Criminal Intent–but tonight’s guest spot is most like the liberated lesbian lady that we adore. Check out these pics (with plenty of film stills) to see why Saffron got us to the art houses–and why we’re thrilled to have her Burrowing her way to our living room tonight…

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