On This Date In 1975 Bruce Springsteen Was On The Cover Of ‘Time’ And ‘Newsweek’ [Videos]

On this day in 1975 Bruce Springsteen was featured on the cover of both Newseek and Time magazine. Since print media isn’t quite what it used to be anymore, we’ll try to put this into perspective. To pull of something like this today, you would have to be so famous and well liked that you could be the spokesperson for both Apple and Microsoft. Not that The Boss has lost his popularity today, but back in 1975 he was really killing it. To honor this great achievement on its anniversary, here are some of our favorite Springsteen songs.
“Born to Run” is a song off of Springsteen’s third album Born to Run. This is the album which propelled Bruce to mainstream success in large part to the popularity of this song.
“Dancing in the Dark” was the first single released off of the album Born in the U.S.A in 1984. This song became Springsteen’s biggest hit and helped lead to Born in the U.S.A. becoming the best selling album of his career.
In the video for “I’m on Fire,” Bruce plays a mechanic who is tempted to have an affair with an attractive married woman who constantly requests that he work on her car. As the video shows, having an affair is something that Bruce just wouldn’t do.
“Streets of Philadelphia” won the Academy Award in 1994 for Best Original Song in the movie Philadelphia. The song also went on to win four Grammy Awards, including Song of the Year, Best Rock Song, Best Rock Vocal Performance, Solo, and Best Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or Television.
“Born in the U.S.A” is arguably Bruce Spingsteen’s most popular song and also the most misunderstood. The song deals with the negative affects of the Vietnam War but it is frequently thought to be an uplifting patriotic tribute to America.

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