“Space Dandy” Is the Place: Adult Swim’s New (and Weirdest) Anime [VIDEO]

Anime has explored space and exploited the female form–but it’s been pretty neglectful in championing the adventures of dandyism. What better medium to draw out the style of a man who’s not afraid to be frilly?

The latest Japanese series on Adult Swim aims to fill that hole. Space Dandy comes from the proven talent of Shinichirō Watanabe, creator of the groundbreaking and genre mash-up Cowboy Bebop. But does that mean we can expect a colorful collision of cowboys, film noir, Hong Kong action flicks, and jazz?

Well, only time and network executives can tell. But so far we know that the story line follows our hero named Dandy–who’s an alien hunter who lives up to his namesake. The guy’s sense of fashion starts at his mutant-Elvis ‘do and proceeds to inform every inch of his lanky, well-addressed form. Dandy, of course, is joined by a robot assistant. It’s called QT, and our hero also carries around a cat named Meow. Sexy anime gals seem to be a big part of this anime universe, too. No surprise there.

Hopefully, the writers willl be saving their creative bursts for the script. They need to keep some things simple (like naming a cat Meow) to avoid confusing any chemically-enhanced Adult Swim viewers. Of which there are many. And speaking of confusion–Space Dandy doesn’t debut on Adult Swim until  January 2014, but here’s a fun sneak peek that’ll get you plenty confused…


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