Janina Gavankar on “The Vampire Diaries” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Janina Gavankar on The Vampire Diaries

(8:00 PM EST, The CW)

Well, there’s nothing difficult about deciding to showcase Janina Gavankar on Halloween. She’s more than just one of television’s busiest vampires. Janina Gavankar is also one of those rare fantasy babes who are also a genuine fantasy geek–in that she geeks out when she gets the chance to work with folks like Armin Shimerman. (He’s the Star Trek veteran who’s also the voice of Andrew Ryan in the BioShock games. You knew that, right?)

Anyway, Janina is just the type of actress who was probably thrilled when she went from being the sexy vampire Luna on HBO’s True Blood to being the sexy vampire Tessa on The Vampire Diaries. We’re just a few episodes into her first season on the show, and we’re not really sure if Janina’s character is going to be around for longer than a single story arc. We were sure shocked when Luna was killed off (after way too few episodes) in Season 6 of True Blood. We just don’t make any bets on vampire immortality nowadays. (Both shows, of course, have offered up immortal beauties like Rachel Sterling, Olga Fonda, Jamie Gray Hyder, Cassidy Freeman, and Jessica Clark.)

You might know Janina from other things than being a bloodsucker, of course. Her website features her work as a (topless) singer/songwriter. (We also recommend her Twitter account.) Janina’s done great work on The League, with the show letting her demonstrate some real comic talent. We need to see more of her as tough ex-cop McKenna Hall on Arrow, too. The Gates was an ambitious spooky show that didn’t last long–and, holy God, has Janina Gavankar actually been around long enough that we almost forgot her in The L Word? She played a tough gal named Papi who got our hearts palpitating. You’ll feel your own blood rushing as we celebrate Halloween with a gal who’s so sexy that it’s kind of spooky..

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