World’s Worst College Staff Video: With Audio While You Can Get It

Here’s one virus of a viral video that’s coming in fast across the Atlantic–and it’s worse than Rebecca Black’s “Friday!” Hear for yourself as the staff of the Loughborough Student Union raps (or sings, or whatever) about the many virtues of their Student Center. Man, you won’t believe all of the cool stuff that you can do there! And you’ll hear plenty of excruciating details as the cheery LSU staff drones on about all kinds of fun events that you can attend.

The song is based on a song called “La La La” by a band called The Naughty Boys, and that’s being used as an excuse for blocking the video. We’re pretty sure that the LSU staff is making the copyright claims. Loughborough Student Union president Josh Hurrell has already defended the video via Facebook, saying,  ‘It is meant to be taken as a joke however I fear people think we are being serious.”

Well, we don’t know about that. To be fair, the staff seems to be taking things pretty lightly. We’ll also note that the opening moments include a very well-timed elevator edit. That’s better than we could have managed around the COED offices. Otherwise, we’ll warn you right now that you’re in for a lot of pain and wincing. We’re very grateful that it isn’t made in America–where we like to think that people rebel against the tyranny of purple shirts.

Anyway, here’s the video with terrifying audio. Enjoy it before the folks of  the Loughborough Student Union once again manage to cover up this crime against humanity. And against the Naughty Boys, whoever they are…


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