Celebrate Cookie Monster’s Birthday With These Memes [Photos]

Today is November 2 which means that it’s time to wish a happy birthday to Cookie Monster!

We’re not really sure what year Cookie Monster was born, but he had a life before his start on Sesame Street. A version of Cookie Monster called The Wheel-Stealer was made by Jim Henson for a never-aired commercial for Wheels Cheese Snacks. The commercial advised people to consume their cheese snacks quickly, otherwise The Wheel-Stealer would eat them before they had the chance. Another version of Cookie Monster was made for the Frito Lay chip Munchos. The monster was then called Arnold and only three commercials were made because Jim Henson was working on Sesame Street and had bigger plans for the greedy monster.

Cookie Monster was initially didn’t specialize in eating cookies, but that became the norm after a sketch in the second season when the monster kept trying to eat some of Ernie’s milk and cookies. Once Cookie Monster got his love of cookies, he became and remains one of the show’s most popular characters.

From the start, there have been some incredibly annoying and stupid people who worry that Cookie Monster teaches children bad eating habits. If your kid is dumb enough to start behaving exactly like Cookie Monster and eating cookies and things like car fenders, then you have bigger problems. We like Cookie Monster’s insatiable and stupid greed. To honor him on his birthday, we’ve found a bunch of memes that celebrate his ravenous desire.

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