Watch This Guy Jump Out Of The Boat When A Swordfish Jumps In [Video]

If you’re going down, at least you can go down swinging.

That’s what the swordfish seemed like it was trying to do in this video. We can’t know for sure what was going through the fish’s mind, but we’d like to think that he didn’t just leap into the boat by accident. It’s more fun to think that the swordfish thought to itself, “If I’m going down, I’m going to take one of these fishermen with me.” Then he launched himself into the boat in an effort to impale one of his attackers.

We’re not saying that we would have liked to have seen the guy get stabbed by the giant fish. We’re glad he’s OK, and we enjoy eating seafood. It’s just just funny to watch these guys freak out once they lose the advantage when the fish comes onto the boat. Once the fish gets on the boat, do they just have to wait inside the cabin until the fish stops jumping around? If it were us, we probably would have just stayed in the water until we thought it was safe to get back on the boat.

via YouTube

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