These NASA Scientists Know How To Carve Pumpkins [Video]

When scientists at NASA‘s Jet Propulsion Laboratory throw a pumpkin carving competition, you know those nerds are going to come up with something good.

The people at NASA took time away from exploring the universe and put their engineering skills to work at designing elaborate pumpkins at their Halloween party. As you can expect, they came up with pumpkins that probably put yours to shame. We know that you’re probably sick of Halloween and all things pumpkin at this point, but these geniuses came up with some designs that are worth a look.

You’ve probably seen a Death Star pumpkin before, but have you seen one with accompanying TIE fighters and LED lights? They also strayed from science fiction and made a rotating model of our solar system and a lunar rover (or maybe the Mars rover?). Sine they’re engineers, they made some pumpkins that have more than purely aesthetic value. There is a squash chocolate fountain that looks like an alien popping out of someone’s chest. And to give the laboratory a club vibe, they had a functioning smoke and bubble machine. Next Halloween, we’d definitely like to party with these guys.

via YouTube

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