Lady Gaga In Tears Was The High Point of The Youtube Awards [VIDEO]

You know what was weird and wacky? Last night’s Youtube Music Awards. It was painfully weird and wacky. In fact, it felt like what would’ve happened if the 1994 Grammy Awards had decided to embrace this crazy alt-culture craze and brought in all kind of post-punky creative types to run all over the stage. Turns out that would’ve been pretty boring.

Anyway, the only thing people are talking about today is Lady Gaga pretty much having an emotional breakdown while dressed like a Russian soldier and performing the song “Dope.” She was a real mess. There are some reports that Lady Gaga was dealing with heartbreak. Maybe she was just dealing with the fact that she wasn’t the most calculatedly weird part of the evening. We do not know. What we do know is that Youtube actually had the Gaga video yanked for a while, but here’s a chance to see what you might have missed–if you were among the thousands who tuned out early on the¬†Youtube Music Awards.

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