November 4, 2013: Rachel Reynolds From The PRICE IS RIGHT

Why do we love to watch The Price is Right? Well, it’s on at 11 am EST. That works out pretty well for when a lot of us are just regaining consciousness waking up. It’s also fun to yell at people on television who, unlike us, don’t know the proper retail cost of a Dirt Devil Quick Lite Plus Vacuum Cleaner. Drew Carey has been a lot of fun since taking over as the show’s host. And there’s the undeniable talent of Rachel Reynolds as the most built blonde babe to ever show off fabulous prizes that can be yours–if the price is right!

Yeah. We’d living in a cardboard box if there was a price that was right for getting us Rachel Reynolds. Instead, we’re celebrating the game-show gal’s 31st birthday with an amazing selection of pics. It’s really hard to believe that Rachel’s days on The Price Is Right actually go back to original host Bob Barker. The former fitness model (who, thank God, has kept busy posing in bikinis) is actually marking her 10th anniversary with the show this year. That was after Rachel had already flirted with fame as an occasional host of the E! Network’s old Wild On… show.

Rachel has quickly become a fan favorite of every new generation of college kids who watch The Price Is Right while getting ready for class. (We also keep up with her via Twitter.) It was fun to see Rachel hit the multiplexes as one of the¬†Price Is Right¬†showcase models in the Adam Sandler comedy Jack & Jill–although we think she deserved the same celebrity billing as “Herself” that was given to Christie Brinkley.

Rachel has kept her fans even after breaking up with us and getting married to Cleveland Indians player David Dellucci. (At least that landed her in our MLB WAGs Hall of Fame.) We’ll keep blaming proud Cleveland native Drew Carey for that one. Rachel has even moved on to MILFdom–but we have not moved beyond our own college obsession with The Price Is Right. Check out these pics to see why…

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