Watch These Uniformed Russian Police Officers Sing ‘Get Lucky’ [VIDEO]

The Cold War is back on, but this time it’s to determine whether America or Russia can attain karaoke supremacy.

Everyone has probably heard enough of Daft Punk’s song “Get Lucky,” but these uniformed Russian police officers have made us excited about it all over again. A loose translation of the text at the bottom of the YouTube video says that this is just a rehearsal for a performance at the Kremlin tonight. If they pull out a smoke machine and those fancy uniforms for the rehearsal, just imagine what they’ll do during the real deal.

After watching this, America has to issue a swift and decisive response. We can’t have the Russian police leading so clearly in singing popular songs from this summer. That’s why we need to create an elite squad of S.W.A.T. team members from around the country to create a karaoke version of “Blurred Lines.” Sure, we’re all a little tired of that song too, but this is war! We have to sacrifice our comfort for the good of the entire country.

via Entertainment Weekly

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