November 11, 2013: 21 Pics for Brittny Gastineau’s 30th Birthday

It’s an important national holiday today–and we like to think that our nation’s veterans fought for a country where a gal like Brittney Gastineau has the right to enjoy life as an entertainment journalist who’s built a career out of being the child of a sports star and former model, entertainment journalist. Yeah. It’s kind of a journalism dynasty going on there. [You might also want to check out our collection of other Hot Sports Stars Spawn.]

Brittney Gastineau–like her mother–attended the University of Alabama. Her real education, however, came from following her mother’s footsteps onto the catwalk. Brittney’s curvy frame really helped her to stand out, and the bold brunette had landed on Maxim‘s Hot List (at #60) by 2005. Reality television helped out with that, though.

Brittney had spent the ’80s and ’90s watching her football star dad Mark Gastineau romp around the tabloids with hot model/actress Brigitte Nielsen.┬áThe former wife of Sylvester Stallone is a reality-show joke now, but Brigitte seemed like a potential movie star back when she was running around with the quarterback of the New York Jets. Spurned wife Lisa Gastineau and daughter Brittny got their own shot at the tabloids with the Gastineau Girls show on the E! network in 2005.

Britnny didn’t reach the dizzying heights of a Kardashian, but she sure made reality very nice for lots of guys who’d been looking for a proudly curvaceous beauty. Brittny’s stayed busy, too, and is a genuine entrepreneur nowadays with her work in jewelry design. She’s also living the glamorous life. You can follow her on Twitter, but check her out here as she’s living large.

There are a lot of selfies here, but that’s no surprise–and we’re not complaining, either. These pics have us thinking that we’re going to have to pay lots of attention to Britnny in her thirties. Which begin today, as Brittny turns 30 years old this Day of Our ┬áLord, November 11th, 2013. Lord know that she’s sure not settling down…

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