Scott Eastwood On His Upcoming Movie ‘Fury’ And How He Likes His American Honey [INTERVIEW]

When we learned that Scott Eastwood would be hosting the American Honey Bar-Sity World Championships, we couldn’t wait to ask him about his upcoming movie Fury which landed as #25 on our list of “30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014.” Along with a great cast of Brad Pitt, Shia Laboeuf, and Michael Pena, Scott reprises the role of Sergeant Miles.

A lot about Fury still remains a secret but we were able to pry one or two good (and new) tidbits of information from him, including what Sergeant Miles’ role will be in the tank. See our discussion below, plus a sweet talk about why he loves American Honey so much.

COED: Scott, we just published our list of the 30 Most Anticipated Movies of 2014 and as you may or may not know, Fury was included on that list. And I’d love to pick your brain on some of that stuff.

Scott Eastwood: Yes! Bring it on.

Tell me a little bit about your character Sgt. Miles.

Well I can’t tell you too much, Sony might not be too happy with me.

That’s fair. So then why do you think that Fury is one of the first movies to be made about tanks?

Because David Ayer is a brilliant writer and filmmaker and he makes really good movies. When you read the script, you’re like “This movie has to be made.”

It just seems like such a no-brainer to have an awesome Hollywood action movie about tanks. World War II itself has been such great source material for movies. You yourself were in Flags Of Our Fathers.

I was.

We’re just really looking forward to Fury and are excited to see some great tank battles.

David Ayer is a filmmaker that I want to work with for the rest of my life. The reality is in Hollywood there’s just not that much good material. You know, you get agents and managers and all these people trying to push you into a project that you don’t really like that much the reality is you gotta look for that good material because they’re really few and far between.

Well the good news is that Mr. Ayer has already shown favoritism once, so you there’s a good chance you might get your wish. He brought Michael Pena back from their work on End of Watch. Has he shown any favoritism to Mike on the set?

David’s a no bullsh*t kind of guy so if you can’t pull your own weight he’ll let you know. There’s no favoritism.

What’s Sergeant Miles role in the film? What’s his responsibility?

I man the .50 cal.

Are you guys shooting in a real tank?

Yep, shooting in a real tank. M4 Sherman Tanks.

If you were living back then and you had to choose an armed service to get into would you choose a tank division after your experience with Fury?

That’s a tough question.

Yeah, tanks look scary to be in. 

Yeah haha, I don’t have an answer to that. I’m just honored to be a part of a great film. You know, I’m a big history buff. So to being in a film that’s about a great part of American history is meaningful.

OK, back to modern day for a little bit. How do bars in Vegas compare to bars in California? I know that you’ve worked in bars, you own one right now. What’s the Vegas nightlife like compared to the California nightlife?

They just turn the volume up a little bit more.

What’s it like to have a flavored bourbon like American Honey while you’re working behind the bar? 

As a bartender and a bar owner I’ve been serving Wild Turkey as a product for years and American Honey is the first honey-flavored bourbon. And it’s better than all the other ones.

Yes, it’s delicious.

It’s delicious.

How do you prefer to drink it?

I like it in my drink (the Honey Gobbler). I think it’s pretty damn good.

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