Stephanie Fantauzzi on “NCIS: Los Angeles” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Stephanie Fantauzzi onĀ NCIS: Los Angeles

(9:00 PM EST, CBS)

On tonight’s episode of NCIS: Los Angeles, a terrorist attack on Los Angeles is imminent after a nuclear detection device is stolen. That’s especially tragic because Stephanie Fantauzzi is in town that day. We usually see the striking brunette hanging around Chicago while bringing some glamour to the dreary lives of those drunken Irishmen on Showtime’s Shameless. Tonight, she’s simply billed as “Hot Mess.” We doubt that’s a secret-agent codename. [Other favorite NCIS codenames: Diane Yang, Shani Atias, and Julie McNiven.]

Or maybe we shouldn’t rule out that as a secret-agent codename. Stephanie Fantauzzi can pretty much play anything. She’s technically a Brazilian beauty, but grew up as a Florida gal. She just ended up making her acting debut in a Brazilian production once she was discovered there on a trip back to her native land. Fortunately, Stephanie then moved to Los Angeles and gave America a chance to appreciate both her talents and her beauty.

Stephanie started out playing hot babes, but Shameless really showed off her real talents. Stephanie was properly fatal as the daughter of a Brazilian crime boss. Her character ended up married to a rich-kid-turned-car-thief. Shameless briefly turned into a fantasy series when that guy decided he’d rather be married to Emmy Rossum’s character.

Nothing against Emmy Rossum, but we’d rather risk our lives to a crime lord than live with those drunken Gallaghers. (Check out Emmy’s sexiest GIFs to get an idea of the one thing we’d like to have against her.) Check out these pics of Stephanie’s modeling work, and we think you’ll agree–hot mess or not…

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