“Family Guy” Fan? You’re Probably Poor

If you make it a point not to miss Family Guy, The Cleveland Show, or essentially any cartoon with Seth MacFarlane’s sticky prints on it–well, you very likely don’t have a lot of money.  That’s according to a recently released Nielsen report on the various demographics that tune in to various shows—as well as their disparate incomes.

It would appear as if those with their eyes on the capitalist prize should avoid Fox television on Sunday nights altogether, as Bob’s Burgers, American Dad, and the abovementioned Family Guy round out the rock-bottom three on the Nielsen list, attracting viewers with median annual incomes of $48,800, $49,100, and $53,400, respectively.

According to industry analysts (via TheWrap), this “makes sense.”  Exactly why this makes sense is subject to speculation.  It could be that animated programs in general are geared toward a younger viewership.  And let’s face it: even if you’ve just graduated summa cum laude with a degree in the humanities, you’ll be lucky to wind up as a barista.  Or the findings could “make sense” to these ivory tower-types based on their presumption that poor people tend to be kind of dumb, dumb people tend to like poop jokes, and Seth MacFarlane is pretty much a human poop joke factory.

So what are the 1% watching?  Mandingo fights, probably.  But in terms of television, Nielsen’s report lists The Amazing Race, Nashville, and The Good Wife among those shows garnering typically wealthy audiences.  So ask yourselves: would you rather live a life of destitution, or can you honestly stomach weekly doses of The Good Wife?

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