The Best German FIFA 14 Angry Reaction You’ll Ever See [VIDEO]


FIFA 14 hasn’t even been out for two months and already we’ve borne witness to the greatest freakout possible.

The setting is a small apartment in Germany where two friends are playing FIFA. The apartment has a calendar with the words Octoberfest on it, a bottle of Jager and mixers on the table, and a bag that reads “I Love My Beer.” So yeah, you can bet that they’ve been drinking.

I’m guessing that the man in the hat has just scored a goal and there’s been a substitution that’s been waiting to come in–hence the lull.

But then he gets another goal and his friend completely loses it–first tossing his controller at the screen, following it up with a slap, and finishing it off with some superb punches to the back of the television.

I know that we all have friends like this but serious kudos to the guy filming it. I probably would have gotten scared and stopped filming.

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