First Official Trailer For ‘Noah’ Shows Why It’s One Of Our Most Anticipated Movies Of 2014


The first official trailer for Noah (#18 on our list of Most Anticipated Movies Of 2014) has flooded the internet today. And if I’m being honest here with you guys, it’s gotten me a little wet.

First off, let’s talk about how pissed Mel Gibson is right now that he wasn’t the first person chosen for this movie. The most God-crazy person in Hollywood couldn’t make the cut. And while we weren’t sure exactly how good thisĀ Darren Aronofsky flick was going to be, the footage from this first trailer will definitely be the cause of another Gibson DUI/voicemail. It’s just lucky for everyone involved that the only person scarier than Mel is Russell Crowe. Although watching that fight would be epic on a biblical scale. Which leads me to a poll.

[polldaddy poll=7562572]

But back to the film.

I was somewhat curious as to how they were going to make such a well-known story into a movie, but it seems like the writers have done an outstanding job of creating some conflict between Noah’s family and the sinners who just want to get down on the booze cruise.

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Do I think that that box-looking object would survive a flood of biblical proportions? Absolutely not. But I’m already suspending my disbelief that God would choose to speak to Russell Crowe, so WTF. Count us in for this one.

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