“Stretch Armstrong: The Movie” Could’ve Looked Pretty Cool [VIDEO]

Remember when the geek world was abuzz over Taylor Lautner playing Stretch Armstrong in a big-screen adaptation of the classic stretchy toy? Remember Taylor Lautner? You might have to just trust us that everyone was intrigued by the idea of a Stretch Armstrong movie. At least everyone of a certain age who had a Stretch Armstrong that they would stretch from one end of a suburban home to the other.

And then the kids would eventually get bored and put Stretch Armstrong in the freezer and smash the toy with a hammer–revealing that Stretch was filled with a substance that looked a lot like red syrup. Possibly the Karo brand.

Anyway, the fine folks at i09 have found a Youtube video that looks to be an animated storyboard from that planned Stretch Armstrong movie. We didn’t know that we wanted to see it so badly. Check this out and marvel at the crazy world that’s been created here. We have Stretch Armstrong showing off some homicidal tendencies while going up against some really capable bad guys.

It’s certainly not what we expected from a Taylor LautnerĀ film. It’s more like what we expected from the Wachowskis rumored attempt at making a Plastic-Man movie. We would’ve been there for opening night for this movie. And if this turns out to just be some kid’s attempt at making a fancy-ass storyboard–well, dude, give the Wachoskis a call. They could make this into something great…

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