Lia Sinchevici In “CHARLIE COUNTRYMAN”: Worth The Ticket Price [PHOTOS + VIDEO]

Charlie Countryman is an ambitious new indie that stars Shia LaBeouf as a regular guy who ends up in Eastern Europe while looking for an elusive girl. The female in question is played by Evan Rachel Wood–which is reasonable enough. Still, the movie would be a lot shorter if Charlie Countryman was a COED editor. We’d be getting over our obsession for Wood (which doesn’t sound right, anyway) once we saw Lia Sinchevici as an Eastern European waitress.

Also, Shia LeBouf spends a lot of the movie getting beaten severely by Mads Mikkelsen. That doesn’t look like fun. We probably wouldn’t take much of a beating for Lia Sinchevici, either, but that’s because we have plenty of pics to…well, there’s a dirty joke there somewhere. The important thing is that Lia Sinchevici is in Charlie Countryman, and a lot of Americans will be seeing the ravishing Romanian for the first time.

Well, Lia may technically be a Rezinian, having been born in that humble town in the Republic of Moldova. (That’s also the very important place that birthed Nadejja Savcova.) Lia actually spent a year studying in the USA, but eneded up as a journalism student back in Bucharest. That’s when she began to fool around with modeling–and quickly found herself in demand as a rising star.

Lia Sinchevici is a brainy gal, though, and has kept up her studies even while moving into acting. Actually, her big breakout performance seems to be Lia writhing in a music video for a song by Sasha Lopez. We have a special edit below that’s nothing but Lia Sinchevici busting out some amazing dance moves. Lia’s also shown up in action films with the likes of Jean Claude Van Damme and Dolph Lundgren, but those movies premiere at your local Redbox. We’re thrilled to have finally seen her on the big screen. You’ll thrill to these pics–and scroll down for that video…


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