Yes, This Awful Job Of Covering Up Hair Loss Happened [PIC DUMP]

Who knew that Carlos Boozer would be starting a trend when he showed up on national television after ? One thing this photo will not be helping is 7-11 trying to sell their hair replacement products.

“Hey Carlos, can I speak to you in the back for a moment? No no, this isn’t about your hourly sampling of the nacho cheese. We’re happy that you’re taking the initiative to ensure that it’s not poisoned. This is about your… hair. Obviously corporate approves of employees using and wearing 7-11 products but we don’t want to give customers the impression that they’re of low quality. Perhaps you could try on one of our outdated Halloween wigs? Those are just taking up room here in the back and we’d love to get that inventory turned around.”

Did you read that whole thing? Shame on you.

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Yes, This Motorcycle Policeman Fail Happened [PIC DUMP]