Mercy Saidi on “Almost Human” [SEE HER TONIGHT]

Mercy Saidi on Almost Human

(8:00 PM EST, FOX)

It seems like just yesterday that we were going on about Daniela Dib in the premiere episode of FOX’s Almost Human–and, hey, it was. That’s when we were goofing on how great it would be if the show about an android cop actually had the incredible Daniela as some kind of sexy robot. Well, tonight’s the second episode of Almost Human, and the writers sure didn’t waste any time writing their own script about sexbots. (Sci-fi, of course, has been very good to See Her Tonight, giving us ladies like Caity Lotz and Leonar Varela.)

And that lack of originality is balanced with really good taste, courtesy of Mercy Saidi playing a futuristic sex toy. She’s the kind of imposing gal who fits right into sci-fi action–and the popular model started out in television as a guard on an episode of Battlestar Galactica. That was way back in 2005. Since then, Mercy Saidi has been busy becoming a big name in modeling. She’s been working out of her native London a lot, but we’re sure hoping that we’ll be seeing more of Mercy in Hollywood. (We’ll also be following her on Twitter.)

Almost Human is only her second acting role–where she’s billed as, technically, “Sex Bot”–but you can see from these pics that Mercy is more than a mannequin. She has so much personality that it’s knocking her clothes clean off her body. Try to stay focused, though, and you’ll be captivated by a fierce personality that could easily fill the big screen. They’re rebooting the Terminator series again, right? We could see Mercy as a different kind of ‘bot capable of real damage. Although tonight’s episode might cover some similar territory. We can’t wait to findout. Until then, we’re staying tuned in to these pics…

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