Best Toilet Movie Scene of All Time: Happy World Toilet Day! [VIDEO]

November 19th is World Toilet Day–which actually has some meaning about the billions of people in the world who don’t have access to a clean and safe toilet. You can learn more about that here. Meanwhile, we’re sitting over here at COED and making lots of toilet jokes. But there is one thing that we take very seriously, and that is the Best Toilet Scene in Film History.

We’ve already tossed out the intern who couldn’t think of anything better than Trainspotting. Other COED employees have suggested scenes that we didn’t really need to know ever existed. The proud consensus, though, is that Street Trash has the best scene ever that involves a toilet. This modest film hit video stores back in 1987, and remains valuable as a look back at pre-hipster Brooklyn. It’s a tale of homeless psychos and killer hooch that takes place in the same neighborhoods that Italian film crews once used as post-apocalyptic landscapes.

Street Trash is American-made, though. The movie was written by genre great Roy Frumkes, who’d go on to pen the excellent Substitute action films with Tom Berenger. He’s a film teacher in NYC now, and we still always see him at screenings of sci-fi and horror films. Frumkes probably isn’t surprised that we’re thinking of him on World Toilet Day. Anyway, check out this immortal Street Trash scene. We’d include a WARNING about gory content, but we’re solidly in cartoon territory here. And if you need to clean your palate, then check out some scary-sexy ladies

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