Can’t Cook? Don’t Have a Kitchen? All You Need is a Coffeemaker. No, Really

Bachelor cooking has to be the lowest form of food on the planet. Guys, face it. Any cuisine that puts Cheez-Its in the same culinary category as any full meal can’t stoop much lower on the food spectrum. [Image via NPR]

Cooking isn’t that complicated. You throw something in a pan or an oven, cover it with spices or flavoring, toss in a few vegetables and even if you completely burn the thing, you can just call it “Cajun style” and throw it into the nearest mouth. Plus, even if you don’t have what’s technically considered to be a kitchen, that’s still no excuse. You can make almost anything you can eat with a coffeemaker, according to the Facebook page Cooking with Your Coffee Maker.

The site offers a bunch of recipes that only require a working coffeemaker and some water to steam your food with and if you’re having trouble finding water, then learning to braise a chicken is probably last on your list of priorities.

NPR’s The Salt blog decided to test one of the Facebook page’s recipes: poached salmon, steamed broccoli and couscous. Much to their surprise, the coffeemaker did a good job and turned a seemingly complicated recipe into a tasty meal. The only complicated party was figuring out how to get a whole slice of salmon out of the coffee pot without using your hands. Mr. Coffee, get to work on it.

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