Miss Elizabeth: The Wrestling Legend Who Should Be 53 Years Old Today [25 Photos]

Miss Elizabeth should still be remembered by all fans of professional wrestling today–and not just because of her work with wrestling legends like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, and Ric Flair. Miss Elizabeth actually spent several years sharing that kind of star power. In fact, Miss Elizabeth–born unto this world on November 19th, 1960 as Elizabeth Ann Hulette–even made it onto the cover of MAD magazine. That’s just about the highest honor that any Earthling can achieve. Miss Elizabeth even made it while being portrayed alongside Savage, Hogan, and Andre the Giant.

Miss Elizabeth pretty much came out of nowhere, too. She was working the wrestling circuit as a model when she first met Randy Savage. He brought his bride into the business on July 30th, 1985. There had been a lot of hype that summer about Savage looking for a new manager. The World Wrestling Federation had worked a story line for months about different managers going after Savage–so it was pretty baffling when the unknown Miss Elizabeth emerged from the crowd to take on the job of handling one of wrestling’s biggest names.

That episode aired on WWF Prime Time Wrestling (back when it was on the USA network) on August 24th, 1985. Miss Elizabeth quickly became a fan favorite. Her incredibly glamorous presence–at least, by 1985’s standards–allowed the WWF to introduce its first soap opera-styled plots. There were plenty of story lines about wrestlers lusting after Miss Elizabeth–and she made history on a 1987 episode of NBC’s Saturday Night’s Main Event when she charmed Hulk Hogan into forming the Mega Powers team alongside Jim Neidhart and Bret Hart.

Miss Elizabeth ended the ’80s…well, just like we said about that MAD magazine cover. She even had her own action figure. Too bad that Miss Elizabeth’s career with the WWF ended with her marriage to Randy Savage. It was all amicable enough, and one of the rare times that the WWF allowed a wrestler’s personal life to interfere with the story line. Miss Elizabeth moved on to World Championship Wrestling, and managed the New World Order wrestling team–which would eventually include Hulk Hogan and her ex-husband.

Sadly, Miss Elizabeth also hooked up with Lex Luger at the WCW, and ended up in an abusive relationship that only ende with a fatal overdose of painkillers and vodka in 2003. That sordid end kind of kept Miss Elizabeth from being discussed as part of wrestling’s real pioneers. She may not have been a sex symbol on the level of  Kaitlyn, Rosa Mendes, or Karen Jarrett, but these pics show how Miss Elizabeth still got some adolescents interested in things besides mayhem in the ring. Take a look for yourself at a sex symbol from wrestling’s more innocent age…

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