Monika Jagaciak Should Be On Your Radar [PHOTOS]

Monika Jagaciak is a sexy model who’s new to Victoria’s Secret, and she should definitely be on your radar. The striking teen has had a pretty amazing career after starting out in a scandalous way.┬áMonika Jagaciak was actually a controversial name when she started in the industry at the age of 13. She was given some pretty adult assignments. Monika is all grown up now, though, and she’s looking perfectly fit for advertising some Victoria’s Secret swimwear.

Monika isn’t new to major brands, of course. She’s been on the fashion industry’s radar for a while, sporting fashions for the likes of Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Versace, and Prada. We don’t know if she’s been dreaming of modeling for Victoria’s Secret, but we have some pics that sure make our dreams come true.

Monika is busy modeling on the sunny beaches of the Caribbean for VS this week, and it sure looks warm down there. She’s baring some skin in a bikini, and flaunting her fine form in a one-piece that still shows off lots of her wonderfully warm form. You’ll see what we mean in this amazing gallery–which also includes some pics of Monika’s other marvelous work for other brands. That includes some other swimsuit shoots and some lovely lingerie pics. Check out Monika here, and take some comfort that she’s probably still in the┬áCaribbeans, so it’s not like she could get together for dinner tonight, anyway. And if you’re interested in an older model, then don’t forget that we’ve already celebrated Daria Werbowy’s 30th birthday today…

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