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November 20, 2013: 45 Hot Pics for Nadine Velazquez’s 35th Birthday

Nadine Velazquez just might be the sexiest actress working in comedy. We know that puts her up against Alison Brie and Aubrey Plaza, but give it some thought. My Name Is Earl was a pretty great sitcom, and Nadine sure did a lot with her role as Catalina. You also see┬áNadine Velazquez as a regular on The League. That one doesn’t get talked about as much as It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, but it’s a easily one of basic cable’s funniest shows. The thing just kind of gets forgotten on FXX.

But people don’t give Nadine enough credit because she’s also been a regular on unhip fare like Hart of Dixie and Major Crimes. Her biggest break on the big screen was in last year’s very grown-up drama Flight. (A lot less people saw her in this year’s Snitch with The Rock.)

But we think Nadine is probably still enjoying a pretty good 35th birthday. The Chicago native (of Puerto Rican descent) is sure working regularly. Nadine doesn’t have any likely big-screen prospects going on right now, but we won’t complain about her showing up in our living rooms. She’s also only becoming more popular as a sex symbol in her thirties. Nadine still tops plenty of lists when different publications think up the sexiest actresses around.

She’s still available as a model, too. We don’t know why more companies haven’t built a big campaign around the gal. Nadine probably wonders that, too. She has a degree in Marketing, you know. Now you’re going to heat up a few degrees with this bountiful gallery of a gal who can really make us laugh–although we doubt you’ll be laughing while checking out these pics…

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