Camilla Hansson: Finally, A Lingerie Model Smart Enough for Us [PHOTOS]

Camilla Hanson is the sexy new model for the prestigious Belle Et Bonbon lingerie line, and we were going to goof on how the label made a big production out of looking to sign up a brainy babe. Then we remembered how we covered those Victoria’s Secret auditions where the executives talked about the importance of hiring bright gals–and, you know, we were also just recently admiring the brains that top the awesome bod of Daria Werbowy.

Same goes for the lovely Lia Sinchevici. So we can only assume that Belle Et Bonbon had COED in mind as they went out in search of a brainy babe for their lingerie line. They lucked out with Camilla Hanson, too. She’s a former Miss Earth Sweden–but we doubt that beauty pageant could have prepared Camilla for the grilling she had to endure as a potential Belle Et Bonbon bonbon.

The lingerie brand lured in some impressive candidates in their search for an intelligent ingenue. Camilla had to go up against dolls with doctorates and at least one foxy physicist. Only the most cynical of men would note that Camilla doesn’t sport any academic degrees. Models like Camilla get to work at an early age. Their prime earning years can start at the age of 18–and we’ve met a few mannequins who’ve surprised us with plenty of natural wit and curiosity.

We like to think that natural beauty counts for something, as well. Camilla has plenty of that, as you’ll see in these pics that start with Belle Et Bonbon and go on to her earlier work. We’re thinking that Camilla has a bright future in whatever she sets her bod mind to…


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