New ‘RoboCop’ Trailer Reveals New Robot Enemies [VIDEO]


The third official trailer for RoboCop (#14 on our list of Most Anticipated Movies of 2014) has finally revealed the enemies that Alex Murphy will be going against–and they include the same MechWarrior-type robots who appeared in the first version.

Of course those huge mechs are going to be a big issue for Alex Murphy who will already be busy battling his inner demons (a plot point revealed in the first trailer). But unlike the first iteration of Robobcop, there will be more than one ED-209. At least that’s what we hope because in the final moments of trailer #3, you see RoboCop taking care of business in the same way that he finally defeated the mech in Robocop 1. Movie trailers have been pretty revealing recently, but we doubt very much that producers would allow the final moments of their film to be given away before the movie’s even released.

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